Super Ulyanov Brothers Review by Smarty

This is an entertaining platform game. The loading screen, in-between cutscenes - especially the turning pages of the book and the wonderfully drawn characters give this a very good atmosphere, which is a funny interpretation of Communism. The game has good details too - a little gramophone player in the corner of the level, the weapon bombs and the different ways to set them off, the guards that fence off bombs thrown at them - they're all very well animated. Entering the highscore name against the background of a newspaper is a nice touch. I haven't got past the third level yet, so I can't tell what the rest looks like.

I've got a few minuses however: the game is a bit hard to master, at start. It takes some perseverance to get to the next level, although luckily it contains save slots. The texts that appear in the books are simply too large sometimes - they either run off the page or down off the screen, so I would suggest using a smaller font, or even a different font altogether because due to the low resolution, some of the larger letters - m, w - appear jumbled up. It would have been nice to see a semi-cyrillic font used with this game. The title page the menu items contain texts that are the same colour as the background. As some of those texts are too large as well they become less readable. The in-game graphics could have contained a little bit more colour - it seems that less colours were used there than for the rest of the game.

All in all I enjoyed playing this game and will try my best to finish it some day. A very good and original effort to a platformer, once you've mastered the controls. It actually grows attraction while playing it. Hope to see more from you.